What are the Advantages of 12BB Solar Panels?
What are the technical advantages of the double glass components?

Photovoltaic modules (known as solar panels commonly) are composed of solar cells or solar cells of different specifications cut by a laser cutting machine or a wire cutter. Photovoltaic modules are a core part of solar power systems and play a key role in the quality of power plants.


Photovoltaic modules divided into A, B, and C components according to the factory grade are mainly composed of cell (mono or poly), glass, and back sheets


1.Class A components with more than 25 years life are used in ground power stations, distributed power stations, household systems, etc.


2.Class B components with 5 years life manufactured from Class A retrograde components or class B materials are used for street lights, off-grid systems, battery cars, etc.


3.Class C components are used in areas where electricity is not developed, such as remote areas, Afghanistan, the Middle East, South Africa, etc., the life is unknown.

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