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Where is the hedge fund?Household photovoltaic income has far exceeded the national debt!(attached is the calculation table of power station revenue in each region)

Polaris solar photovoltaic webex: polysilicon: into the middle of this month, domestic mainstream polysilicon enterprises in the early stage of the basic main orders this month has been signed, the downstream enterprises especially downstream monocrystal stock has relatively sufficient, so this week polysilicon market actual transaction is somewhat less than in early, makers of basic in delivery of the goods.In terms of price, the price of polysilicon this week has basically maintained the previous level. The price of single crystal compact material for domestic first-tier manufacturers is 72-73 yuan/kg, while the price of second-tier enterprises is 1-2 yuan/kg.Polycrystalline materials in the supply of gradually less polycrystalline materials under the condition of price stability at 42-45 yuan/kg.Affected by the lower price of the downstream segment, the purchase of the downstream polysilicon began to have a cautious wait-and-see attitude. Next week, orders for the next month will be discussed in succession, and then the price trend of polysilicon will be further clear.In terms of polysilicon supply, this week a domestic polysilicon enterprise began to overhaul, the domestic market in the early stage of production capacity expansion enterprises are also gradually released, the overall domestic supply changes little.

Silicon: as domestic polysilicon production capacity and production, domestic polysilicon supply further enhance, the existing polycrystalline demand the delisting polycrystalline silicon slice of the excess supply, polysilicon prices this week continued to fall after last week began to weaken, the mainstream prices fell below 1.5 yuan/piece, basic though an early high price this week in shipment, but the new order price basic on 1.4 1.48 yuan/piece, the current domestic polysilicon weaker overall demand.Monocrystalline silicon slice, as this month, the downstream cell gradually complete the size from 156.75 to 158.75 the size of the switch is encountered, silicon single crystal 156.75 size demand gradually atrophic, basic price 2.93 3.05 yuan/piece, in 158.75 currently dominate size requirements, price stability at about 3.25 yuan/piece, is affected by single crystal downstream prices falling, monocrystalline silicon slice further pressure on prices, is expected next week domestic leading monocrystalline silicon chip rolled out next month.In the aspect of n-type silicon wafers, the domestic mainstream monocrystalline silicon wafers manufacturers all have the production capacity, and the production schedule is mainly determined by the downstream demand orders. In terms of price, n-type silicon wafers are about 2 MAO more expensive than p-type monocrystalline silicon wafers.

Cell: this week domestic single crystal cell market prices continue to weaken, single crystal cell size 156.75 price, further weakening demand, the market mainstream price fell to 0.87 to 0.9 yuan/W, in addition to the individual company strength is high, the market price of other basic in 0.9 yuan/W here, at the same time also have a lower price on the market out of inventory, many companies on the market this month will finish big size production line upgrade, single crystal size 156.75 cell will be further shrinking market share;Monocrystalline cells, compared with 158.75 156.75 cell needs a certain assurance, single crystal cell 158.75 this week prices giant weak stability in 0.93 0.95 yuan/W, beginning this week due to the outbreak of overseas “fermentation”, part of the overseas markets have components plant shut down, at the same time, overseas appeared local logistics problems begin to have part of the market, make domestic battery slice of export orders, has been given to terminal project in overseas markets, there is delay due to the outbreak, with the conduction of downstream further, domestic monocrystalline cells, overall demand could also affected in the later.In terms of polycrystalline cell, polycrystalline cell is relatively stable on the whole, and the mainstream price is about 0.62 yuan /W.In terms of HJT cells, the current domestic effective capacity is less than 1GW, and the quantity of products produced is still small. However, many manufacturers in China have or plan to conduct layout test lines in HJT cells, and the price of HJT cells in China is around 1.42 yuan /W.

Components: in China, recently, domestic projects have been started, and the start of distributed projects in some provinces is relatively obvious. However, at present, it is still in the initial stage of domestic demand, and the competitive pressure of component manufacturers’ orders is great.Overseas in the current outbreak of overseas development continue to be “worse”, overseas photovoltaic market started on affected part: some European countries have signed project normal construction operation, domestic components export normal delivery but also due to the component to the port after quarantine and local logistics transportation problem, it is difficult to make components in place in time;At the same time, some other European countries, the United States and some parts of the Middle East have seen the delay of photovoltaic projects due to the impact of the epidemic. At present, the overall overseas demand is still uncertain.