Tips to solve the problem of perovskite solar cells

Thanks to new manufacturing methods, scientists have achieved more than 15% energy conversion on perovskite-type solar cells larger than one square centimeter. Researchers report that perovskite-type […]

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How to Maintain Photovoltaic Power Plant Equipment

Important equipment maintenance check According to the current equipment maintenance, the maintenance requirements of PV modules and combiner boxes are relatively large, and daily defects are […]

Causes and analysis of common phenomena in the lamination process of polycrystalline components

The following are some of the problems that are often encountered in actual production. submit questions 1. There are fragments in the component. 2. There are […]

Your photovoltaic power station has less revenue, and it may be that these points are not done well!

Photovoltaic panel ash   For long-running photovoltaic power generation systems, the impact of panel dust can not be underestimated. The dust on the surface of the […]

Photovoltaic Inverters: Important Features Forgotten

For photovoltaic power plants, PV modules and inverters are undoubtedly the core equipment. The  panels convert sunlight into electrical energy. The inverter turns DC into AC and […]

How much Power can a PV Panel Emit in a Year?

How many kilowatts can a photovoltaic panel emit in a year? This involves two determinants of photovoltaic power generation: First, the power generated by photovoltaic panels. […]

MBB High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Modules

Goldsun New Energy Science&Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched MBB high-efficiency photovoltaic modules: 12BB high-efficiency poly photovoltaic module, 12BB high-efficiency mono polycrystalline module, double-glass poly polycrystalline module, […]