What are the technical advantages of the double glass components?

The double-glass component refers to a photovoltaic cell assembly formed by two glass and solar cells, which are formed by a string of wires and connected […]

Do you Know the A, B, and C Levels in PV Modules?

Photovoltaic modules (known as solar panels commonly) are composed of solar cells or solar cells of different specifications cut by a laser cutting machine or a […]

What are the Advantages of 12BB Solar Panels?

1.Optical benefits: The busbar tabing area of traditional solar panel will block the light source so that more light will reflect into air while the wire […]

What is the Solar Double Glass Component and What is the Characteristic of Solar Photovoltaic Glass?

The old and traditional glass industry has renewed, and various glass products with unique functions have come out with the rapid improvement of the level of […]

The Training of Multibusbar High Efficiency Solar Cell was concluded successfully.

On February 19, 2019, Mr. Yang, a trainer of Yingli Energy (Yantai) Co., Ltd., trained the members of Goldsun on the performance of multibusbar high efficient […]

The Difference between Double Glass Photovoltaic Components and Common Components.

What is a dual glass PV module? As the name suggests, it refers to a composite layer consisting of two pieces of glass and a solar […]

Multi-BusBar Solar Panel will become Mainstream Technology

The Multi-Busbar solar panel refers to a thick electrode strip on the surface of a crystalline silicon solar cell, which acts to direct the photo-generated current […]

How Much Power Generation does The Photovoltaic Double-Sided Component Generate over The Traditional Single-Sided Component?

Unlike the opaque light on the back of conventional PV modules, the back of the double-sided components are packaged in a transparent material (glass or transparent […]