Large-size silicon wafers of solar panel have realistic economic significance

In the range allowed by the production equipment, a larger silicon size means a higher power cell output, although the output of a single production line […]

What is a double-sided double glass component?

Double-sided components are components that can generate electricity both on the front and back. When the sun shines on the double-sided component, some of the light is […]

Means to improve photovoltaic power generation efficiency

Each part of the photovoltaic manufacturing industry chain has its own different means of improving power generating efficiency: in the silicon material and the long crystal […]

Efficient solar panel technology

Double-glass,double-sided, half-chip, MBB and other technologies are not the only one way to increase efficiency and reduce costs for solar panel, but also improve component performance and life, […]

Goldsun company win the tender of solar power system poverty alleviation project

On August 9th, Jinshangxin Energy successfully won the bid for “EPC General Contracting for Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation and Poverty Alleviation in the People’s Government of […]

Goldsun win the tender of solar power plant for poverty alleviation project

On July 26, 2017, Goldsun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the bidding for the photovoltaic power generation poverty alleviation project of the People’s Government […]

Solar power system specially designed for CIMC get to running successfully

Congratulations on the completion of Dong ying tong he Ocean Ranch this afternoon. This is the first project of our company and CIMC Raffles,today it officially […]

Tips for solar insect killer operation