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Poly solar panel 40W

Poly solar panel 40Watt
Basic information
Electrical performance parameterSTC
Maximum power-PmaxWp40
Power tolerance%0~+3
Maximum Power Voltage-VmpV18
Maximum  Operating Current-ImpA2.22
Open circuit voltage-VocV21.6
Short-circuit current-IscA2.37
Maximum System Voltage-VDCV1000
Solar Cell Efficiency-ηm%﹥18.5%
Standard test conditionSTCIrradiance1000W/m2 ,ambient temperature25℃ ,Atmospheric qualityAM1.5
Components & Mechanical Data
Solar CellPoly silicon,156*156mm  slice
Number of Cell36 pc
Size of Module535*505*25660*405*25
Weight Per Piece3.0kg
Module glass3.2mm,High penetration, anti – reflection suede toughened glass.
Module backplane0.35mm white
Module frameSilver and anodized aluminum alloy
Junction Box TypePV-LH0803
Wire2*1mm2 ,500mm
Temperature Coefficients
Working temperature﹣40~+85℃
Temperature Coefficients of Voc(%)°C-0.41%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Pm(%)°C-0.32%/℃
Temperature Coefficients of Im(%)°C0.055%/℃